IFLA: call on preservation storage and curation strategies

IFLA: call on preservation storage and curation strategies

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Call for papers per articoli sulle criticità nella gestione dei depositi di conservazione delle biblioteche.
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Call for papers: IFLA Journal Special Issue on Preservation storage and curation strategies

Best Practices for physical and digital storage

IFLA Journal, IFLA’s Preservation and Conservation Section, and PAC Centres are pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue focused on storage as a strategic long-term function of libraries, including practices for physical and digital collections based on risk, value, and cost in terms of institutional mission and resources.

Storage of collections and information in ways that support their availability and accessibility is an ongoing requirement, and in many cases a very challenging requirement, for libraries around the world. It tackles both technical and organizational challenges and requires a good understanding of process management. Consideration of many factors are needed to determine how best to provide secure, reliable, and sustainable storage and access solutions in light of budgetary limits, environmental impacts, and the near term and long range goals and obligations of a particular library, archive, or information organization.

IFLA Journal invites papers for a special issue focused on strategic practices for long-term storage and access of both physical and digital collections. Papers should be written in English, of 5,000-10,000 word length, and have an abstract as part of the paper.
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