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Stage tecnico internazionale degli archivi Parigi

MessaggioInviato: 10/07/2018, 14:28
da Sergio P. Del Bello
Comunicazione da parte del Ministero della Cultura francese dell'apertura del bando per lo STIA 2019 (stage tecnico internazionale degli archivi).
Lo Stage si tiene in lingua francese e rappresenta una interessante occasione di approfondimento professionale.
Con la speranza che qualche collega possa essere interessato,
saluto tutta la lista,
Ten. Col. Flavio Carbone
Capo Sezione Documentazione Ufficio Storico Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri

Dear colleague,
Created by the direction of the Archives of France, the international technical Internship of archives is addressed since 1951 to French and foreign archivists working in the services of archives national or local, public services or private sector services. The program and courses are taught in French.

It is addressed to professional archivists, persons in charge of services or having functions in framing and organization, controlling the archivistic procedures and techniques. Persons in charge of archives are particularly concerned for including modern technology and tools to their archivistic practices.

This training take place in Paris for one month (spring) and proposes to archivists a look on similar problematics present in France and shared with the community. The STIA supports trainee’s talks about experiences and practices.

The STIA is time to take informations, identify problems and co-operate in order to find solutions within practical workshops in small groups focused in concrete cases brought in by the participants themselves.
The STIA is time for changing the focus towards a comparative look over the functioning of central and local services in order to grow awareness.
The STIA is the opportunity to visit services of archives central and local to approach field’s truth.
The STIA is the opportunity to take part in a global network and to meet French and foreign professionals, archivists of the whole world and integrate a rich professional and human network.

Archivist taking part of this formation will be able, as returning to their country, to bear the knowledge and experiences acquired in Paris among their own professional networks.

The STIA 2019 session will proceed from March 25th to April 26th (5 weeks).

The inscription is
It must be done before Dec 1th 2018 and the trainees must present, before December 15th, 2018, another specimen of the bulletin of candidature for the service of co-operation and cultural activity (SCAC) of the embassy of France of their countries.
The opinion of the SCAC is necessary for the instruction of the file.
The STIA receives the support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which on a case-by-case basis grants purses to the candidates.

The team of the department of the scientific and technical training is at your disposal to bring to you any data element concerning her expert testimony and her action as regards international formation. For any information desired on the teaching and material methods of these formations, you can:

Consult the website of the ministry for the Culture and the communication: (in French) ... d-archives

Thank you for having kindness well to diffuse our offer of formation to your services and collaborators.

to contact:
Mr. Jean-Pierre Defrance, chief of the department formation, Tel. 33 1 40 27 67 23,
Mrs. Sonia Salazar-Zéa, person in charge of the international formations of archives, tel. 33 1 40 27 63 97

The chief executive officer of the heritages
by delegation
The chief of the department of the scientific and technical training
director of the international internships of archives